Block Analitica: Market update and bbETH sDAI market listing

Submitting the cap for sDAI/WETH

Per the discussion in Deactivating sDAI/WETH Market, the oracle’s vault sample was too low and as a result reported an undervalued sDAI price. Block Analitica and B.Protocol revoked the submitted cap for the faulty sDAI/WETH market in this transaction here.

A new oracle has been deployed and reviewed by the Morpho integrations team, we invite everyone to double check it as well. Block Analitica and B.Protocol will resubmit the cap as intended in the coming days.

LP Veto

As a reminder any LP that opposes a new supply cap being submitted can set a vote to veto the new cap following this tutorial and using this Snapshot space for the bbETH vault.

For live accurate data on Morpho Blue and MetaMorpho refer to our dashboard.

For any questions or feedback feel free to get in touch with us here or on our social platforms.

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