Liquidity Observation Lab <> Morpho Blue Incentives in the wstETH markets

I’m delighted to see this initiative.
I welcome any initiative that promotes the adoption of Morpho Blue and the provision of liquidity.
Even more so when it comes from well-known and recognised players.

It seems to me that, as well as targeting a market, Morpho Blue also makes it possible to target suppliers and/or borrowers. I suppose that, since no distinction is made, both parties will be rewarded equally?

Perhaps a question more for Morpho, on the practical side, who is going to be behind the creation of this market (in order to provide incentives, it has to exist).
Will there be a set of markets created by Morpho (or other actors) for the start-up (including this one)?

I’m in favour of accompanying these rewards with a $MORPHO token issue, I’m curious to see if there is an equivalent model for selecting the markets to be incentivised and quantifying the amount of rewards as there is a model for optimisers.

Speaking of incentive amounts in Morpho. What would be the incentive amount for the dedicated LOL over these 3 months?

Thanks again! Full support!