Angle <> Morpho Blue - Rewards on different USDA Markets

Hi @sogipec, thanks for the proposal.
Great to see USDA coming on Morpho and your willingness to develop it!

We would propose to allocate the following amount of MORPHO over the three month period:

  • wstETH/USDA: 66,667 MORPHO
  • rsETH/USDA: 33,333 MORPHO
  • ezETH/USDA: 33,333 MORPHO

The ANGLE and MORPHO distributions would follow the Standard method for distributing rewards on Morpho Blue markets.

A vote will be scheduled in the next few days. Should the vote pass, its execution will be contingent upon receipt of the ANGLE on morpho.eth.

NB: distribution of rewards by the MORPHO DAO does not signify endorsement of market risks.