Forum post template for permissionless reward co-distributions on Morpho Blue

Create a forum post by entering ‘Create a new topic’
Enter ‘Incentives in the
[collateral_asset/loan_asset] markets’ as title and select ‘MORPHO rewards’ as the category.

NB1: This process is fully permissionless, and anyone can propose a reward campaign for a particular market on the Governance Forum. MORPHO token holders are then free to submit, accept, or refuse such a proposal.

NB2: It is crucial to note that past, ongoing, and future allocations of MORPHO rewards in a specific market do not imply endorsement or approval of that market by the Morpho Association. These rewards are part of the permissionless co-incentivization initiative and do not reflect an evaluation or judgment of the market’s risk or viability.


[Name of the project] intends to distribute xx as incentives in the [collateral_asset/loan_asset] market over three months, starting on [launch Date].

We propose that the Morpho DAO handle this distribution and request that MORPHO tokens be included as additional incentives.

[Project name] x Morpho Blue

Present the project/token.

Unlike traditional lending pools, Morpho Blue allows [name of project] to take a more targeted approach to incentivizing specific use cases. On Morpho Blue, we can incentivize a specific pair of assets with a strong use case that will help drive further adoption of our token. [loan_asset(collateral_asset)] falls into this category.

Explain why you see potential in the associated Morpho Blue market(s). Mentioning MetaMorpho vault listing the market could be relevant here.

Proposal Details

We plan to distribute $xx in rewards in [reward_token] in the [collateral_asset/loan_asset (LLTV, oracle, IRM)] market over three months, starting on [launch date].

We propose that the Morpho DAO handle this distribution by integrating it into the Standard method for distributing incentives on Morpho Blue markets.

The growth of such a market will benefit Morpho, therefore it’s prudent for the Morpho DAO to distribute MORPHO tokens over the three-month period to help incentivize its expansion.

Should the proposal be accepted, we will send the aforementioned amount to morpho.eth.

In case the proposal is accepted, the project rewards must be sent in advance to morpho.eth. Then the Morpho Association will take care of computing the rewards distributions and update the MarketRewardsProgramRegistry to display rewards to users in Morpho’s frontend.