Gauntlet USDC Prime Vault Whitelisting


This is a proposal to whitelist the Gauntlet USDC Prime Vault on MetaMorpho. The USDC vault will seek to whitelist markets that contain large market cap/high liquidity collateral assets, and continuously optimize risk-adjusted yield across these Morpho Blue collateral markets.

For the initialization of this Vault, we will be whitelisting the WSTETH/USDC market and the WBTC/USDC market.

About Gauntlet

Gauntlet is a DeFi-native quantitative research firm specializing in risk management. We use battle-tested techniques from the algorithmic trading industry to help protocols manage risk.

Gauntlet’s team of experienced quants are used to trading in milliseconds and will use their expertise to curate a series of MetaMorpho vaults on top of Morpho Blue and contribute to the sophistication of the Morpho Ecosystem. The lending vaults will give users a simple and optimal way to earn yield on their assets.

Market Specifications

The Gauntlet USDC Prime Vault will be initially whitelisting these markets for supply:

  • wstETH/USDC (86.0%)
  • WBTC/USDC (86.0%)

We will also whitelist the below market once it is created:

New Market

  • Collateral asset: WSTETH
  • Borrow asset: USDC
  • LLTV: 91.5%
  • Oracle: Market Rate Oracle

Gauntlet USDC Prime Vault

  • Symbol: gtUSDC
  • Objective: The USDC vault will whitelist highly liquid, large-cap collateral markets and continuously optimize risk-adjusted yield across collateral markets.

Vault Fee

We’re excited to share that the USDC vault fee will be 0% for the first six months of launch.

Whitelisting Vault Contracts

MetaMorpho vaults may receive $MORPHO rewards from supplying to incentivized markets on Morpho Blue. To allow the vaults to transfer these potential $MORPHO rewards to suppliers, we propose whitelisting our vault addresses. The vault addresses will be provided once launched.

Learn more about Gauntlet from our website and Twitter.

Disclaimer - Please Read All of This

Gauntlet’s (also “we” and “us”) provision of vault services is not investment, tax, legal, or technological advice. None of Gauntlet’s vaults are depository or custodial products, and none of your digital assets are guaranteed by Gauntlet or any other person. We are not a fiduciary for any vault user, nor will we act as a broker, custodian, investment adviser, or asset manager through our provision of the vault services. Vault users will always deploy their assets to listed vault markets at their own risk, with full understanding that (i) their digital assets may lose some or all of their market value; (ii) their digital asset positions may be liquidated partially or entirely as a result of parameters that they cannot control or change; and that (iii) their only recourse to prevent such risks after deploying to a vault is to fully withdraw during the applicable time lock period, which may be as few as twenty-four (24) hours’ prior notice.

Performance fees paid to Gauntlet cannot be reclaimed after the vault pays them. Gauntlet’s only contractual obligations arising under this protocol are those that we have to Morpho. We have no contractual obligation to you, any vault user, or any other third-party arising from providing vault services.

Be advised that our interests as a separate entity may at times conflict with our interests as a vault service provider. In such cases, we will not be required to give priority to anyone else’s best interests. Be further advised that your only rights and remedies as a vault user will be those included in Morpho’s Terms of Use.

While we exert our best efforts to select vault markets that we think will optimize vault performance; we do not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of our modeling and analysis, and in no event does our modeling and analysis reliably predict or guarantee expected performance or yield. It further does not provide assurance against risk of loss. Make your own risk-reward decisions based on your own sophisticated market perspectives. Finally, remember that you bear full responsibility for lawful possession, custody, and security of your digital assets when you transact with our vaults. In short, we set parameters and open vault markets. The rest is up to you.