MIP - Pause UNI, COMP on CompoundV2 Optimizer

MIP - Pause UNI, COMP on CompoundV2 Optimizer

  • Author: Morpho Association


The Morpho Association proposes moving all matched amounts as well as pausing the supply and borrow functions for the COMP and UNI markets on the CompoundV2 Optimizer.


Gauntlet has recently proposed and submitted to vote the freezing of tail assets on CompoundV2 including COMP and UNI that are listed on the CompoundV2 Optimizer.

On the Optimizer there is currently:

  • $330k worth of COMP supplied
  • $250k worth of COMP borrowed
  • $170k worth of UNI supplied
  • $11k worth of UNI borrowed

The Morpho Association proposes to move all matched amounts on the pool and pause the supply and borrow functions to mimic CompoundV2’s behavior and ensure user safety.


We recommend that the following actions be taken for the CompoundV2 Optimizer:

  • increaseP2PDeltas(cCOMP, type(uint256).max)
  • setIsSupplyPaused(cCOMP, true)
  • setIsBorrowPaused(cCOMP, true)
  • increaseP2PDeltas(cUNI, type(uint256).max)
  • setIsSupplyPaused(cUNI, true)
  • setIsBorrowPaused(cUNI, true)