MIP - Whitelist the MORPHO URD to distribute rewards

MIP - Whitelist the MORPHO URD to distribute rewards

  • Author(s): Morpho Association

As part of the incentives campaign on Morpho Blue markets, MORPHO tokens are distributed to lenders. The distribution methodology has been described in this forum post.

To distribute MORPHO tokens, the Morpho Association deployed a Universal Rewards Distributor (URD) contract at the following address: 0x678dDC1d07eaa166521325394cDEb1E4c086DF43. For context, the URD is a smart contract allowing the distribution of multiple ERC20 tokens from a single Merkle tree computed offchain.

To be able to transfer MORPHO tokens to the entitled recipients of rewards the URD must be whitelisted on the MORPHO token by the Morpho DAO.

Hence, the association proposes to sets the role 0 on the MORPHO token to 0x678dDC1d07eaa166521325394cDEb1E4c086DF43.


It seems logical and evident to allow the Universal Rewards Distributor to transfer the $MORPHO tokens in order to fulfil its role.
Of course in favour!