MORPHO governance issues - Tokens

We see that liquidity providers can obtain Morpho’s tokens, but this is no different from traditional liquidity mining. The more they pledge, the more they get, and we hope to set a range so that the number of profits obtained by the large households can be reduced, or the number of retail investors who pledge can be dropped by air, so that the tokens are less concentrated


Hello @whalehat, thank you for your message. First, I wanted to remind everyone that Morpho Token emissions are organized in periods of 3 months, called Ages. First Age kicked off a month ago, but in September, Age 2 will have new rules. This post is definitely helpful in building the model of Age 2.

As for your question, I am not sure to understand. Users are given MORPHO tokens as they use the platform. It seems that you d prefer smaller users to have more tokens? But what would prevent a big user from dividing itself into smaller ones?