MORPHO rewards on blue chip markets

Rewards on WBTC/USDT and WBTC/USDC

To start, we propose to distribute rewards on WBTC markets. Indeed, WBTC is one of the most used collateral with billions deposited in lending protocols.

The markets concerned, with their associated rewards emission, would be:

  • WBTC/USDT (86%, Morpho ChainlinkOracle): 7777.77 MORPHO per day
  • WBTC/USDC (86%, Morpho ChainlinkOracle): 3888,88 MORPHO per day

Distributions would begin on February 9th.

For reference, the MORPHO emission rate on the wstETH/USDC market will be 7777.77 MORPHO per day from February 9th.

The rate for WBTC/USDT is higher as there is a need to bootstrap USDT vaults, the first of which are expected to be launched this week.