Welcome to Morpho's Governance Forum

Welcome to the Morpho DAO Governance Forum!

Feel free to have a look and register in order to be start participating in a respecful manner.
Our first proposal is up.

Let’s build Morpho’s governance together!


Excited to join discord and forum

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Hello , beau projet , je vous souhaite le succès et je vais vous suivre de près :slightly_smiling_face:

Avez vous un lien discord ?

so cool to be part of it


i tried to this

Hi guys!Of course, the market is not happy, but nevertheless we’ll see. We’ll talk

Bonjour Punisher,

bien sûr : discord.morpho.xyz

Tous les liens sont disponibles sur le site https://morpho.xyz


Noice nice concept Do it as soon as possible :confused:

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Sounds like a unique concept for defi Web3! Good luck!

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excited to join Morpho!

so. cool !!!aaaaaaaaa

Nice to be here! see a lot of potential!

hi,let us build morpho

too many dark words and dark backgroud

Excited to join discord and forum

hello,I am very happy to join morpho and accompany morpho to develop together.

Hi all, ty for making a forum so promptly – looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Hi, I will chill some time here

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