Enhancing Morpho DAO Community Operations through DaoLens DAO Manager

Basic Details:

  • Project Name: DaoLens DAO Manager
  • Team Name: DaoLens

Project Overview

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This proposal revolves around how the DaoLens DAO Manager platform can refine the day-to-day operations of the Morpho DAO Community through a well-defined and self-serve DAO Tooling infrastructure.

The influx of such a tooling mechanism shall result in a unified platform for most of the DAO’s operations including but not limited to the management of projects, discussions, proposals, off-chain/on-chain voting, bounties, and compensation. Considering how the current operation in your DAO leaves a massive scope for improvement and on top, most admins and members are losing the context of what concerns them amidst all the noise, such a platform shall be pivotal in how DAOs can flourish.

Based on our experience breaking down the daily operations of around 500 DAOs and Digital Communities, we have been able to redefine the operational infrastructure a DAO should adhere to for optimum operational efficiency. Below are some concepts on how the Morpho DAO Community can benefit from the DaoLens DAO Manager.

Problem Statements that we solve:

  • Lack of motivation for Contributors: It is tricky to maintain member retention within a DAO and rewarding tokens to the members on the completion of a bounty does not effectively build a sense of belongingness for the members.
  • Accessibility of Modules and absence of rules to group like-minded ether: DAO Admins should be able to establish Gating rules for Discussions, Bounties, Proposal creation, Project management, etc. to ensure only select/eligible folks to work on them. An absence of such gating results in noise in discussion forums and bounty boards, etc.
  • Lack of relevant Context Admins and Contributors, both tend to lose the context behind every bounty, proposal, and project because of the noise that exists on discussion platforms like Discourse and Discord.
  • Lack of Visibility While using multiple platforms for each type of operation, the Admins also lose the visibility of ‘what concerns them the most amidst all the noise?’
  • Inconvenient cross-DAO operations While most contributors are a part of multiple DAOs, it becomes quite difficult to track what concerns them the most for each. Juggling between multiple tools and tabs to get work done hinders the productivity of contributors and admins alike.


The goal of the DAO Manager is to provide a solution that reduces friction in day-to-day DAO/Community management. It shall do so by structuring a unified platform with modules for each type of operation including (but not limited to):

  1. Curation of Bounty Board - say bye to Notion-based bounty and Job boards
  2. Review and Compensation of Tasks and Bounties - don’t jump on Dework to manage bounties and Coordinape/Gnosis to manage compensation.
  3. Creation and management of Discussions Forums - DAO Manager can be used for discussions as well so no need for Discourse.
  4. Creation of Proposals - Create proposals on-chain
  5. On-Chain Voting on proposals (with multiple voting types available) -
  6. Project management - manage projects like you’d do on Github.
  7. Custom section (courses, a marketplace of the DAO, to be customized into what would make sense for the DAO/Community)
  8. Gating rules for all of the above modules (NFT, NFT Traits, and Token-based gating to limit accessibility)
  9. Lastly, a Discovery platform brings your DAO/Community to the visibility of the users more often.

How it is solving the pain points mentioned above:

  • A Unified User Interface: The DAO Manager instantaneously makes it easier for the Admins and the Contributors alike to access and participate in the relevant activities within the DAO such as bounties, discussions, proposal vetting & voting, etc. without having to jump between different tabs and tools. This significantly reduces the operations cycle and also the drag caused by the loss of context.
  • Linked Tasks, Linked Proposals. In-Built On-Chain Voting. All deeply Integrated: Never lose sight of what truly matters by linking the discussions with proposals, bounties, etc. This shall help the users in gathering insight on how they can complete a bounty or review it and help them make a decision easily when they go to vote on a proposal.
  • Gating based on multiple credentials: To ensure the Admins don’t lose sight of what truly matters to them, they can gate the different modules like discussion forums, and bounties, based onis of the Wallet Content of a user (such as NFTs, NFT Traits, and Tokens). Such gating can be put into action with multiple ‘And/Or’ conditions. This shall help reduce the noise from the modules based on multiple credentials and help the users focus on what concerns the most.
  • Shuffle between DAOs and Communities easily: the DAO Manager can be a home to multiple DAOs and therefore, contributors who are a part of 2 or more DAOs can easily shuffle between the community operational dashboards without having to open another tab or login into a platform again.
  • Rewarding Mechanisms: Apart from effortlessly expediting compensation using wallet integrations, the DAO Manager also brings functionality to reward your contributors through Task Points, NFTs, and Badges. The contributors, based on these, can move up in the leaderboard and can get access to some executive-level bounties.

Key features summarized:

  1. Bounty Board: All Jobs & bounties can be gated based on rules of credential verification (NFTs, NFT Traits, & Tokens). Add sub-tasks, rewards, priority levels, and reviewers, through single panel.
  2. Discussion Forum: Bring all of your conversations out of Discord and Discourse and onto a noise-free, gated DAO Manager discussion forum. Publish posts with embedded Polls and Checklists for people to vote and work on. Effortlessly. vote off-chain, comment, and share posts.
  3. Proposal Management: Effortlessly create proposals to be voted on without having to open Snapshot. Additionally, with the Snapshot integration, any vote done on the Snapshot reflects back on the DAO Manager and any vote done here reflects back there.
  4. Project Management: Without having to browse through all the servers, get a sense of all ongoing projects quickly.
  5. Custom Panel: A Custom Module for your specific needs. For creators who want to sell merchandise, an educator who needs to float courses, or an investment group that wants closed VIP tiers, this module can be built for you.
  6. Enhanced Contributor Rewarding Mechanism: Reward your contributors with more than just the bounty reward. Award NFTs, Badges, and Task Point to help your contributors move up in the DAO Leaderboard. Further, gate executive bounties and forums, on the basis of Leaderboard.
  7. A Community Home: Consider the DAO Manager as a home for everything that matters the most to your Community/DAO. Even manage all of your documents from a single section on the Overview page itself.
  8. Linking Discussions to Bounties and Proposals: Easily link all of the discussions with the discussed projects, bounties, & proposals. Have context ready about each and expedite them effortlessly.
  9. ROI-focused Grant Management: End-to-end support to review and manage all pending applications. With multiple Proposal types, Multiple Fund allocation methods, and Multiple Review mechanisms, Applicants also get help and support in drafting efficient applications.
  10. Discovery Platform: Publicize your DAO to a wider audience of contributors through the DAO Manager’s Discovery page.


  • Contact Name: Nayan Kulshreshtha
  • Contact Email: nayan@daolens.com
  • Discord: Amenek.eth#8984
  • Telegram: @NayanKul

Team’s Experience

We are a team of developers and designers who have been making tools for decentralized communities. Our core mission and vision are to contribute towards mass adoption of the space by lowering the barriers to entry and we have been doing that in different ways. Examples below: 1. We’ve built an onboarding tool that onboards new members to a DAO and gives them relevant context about how to get started.

For example -

  1. Journo DAO - https://app.daolens.com/journodao/new

  2. We built an alternative UI for the Aave protocol that is friendly towards users with no or little Defi knowledge. - https://twitter.com/DaoLens/status/1591803892874235904

Today, users do not get a clear idea of what they can do after connecting their wallet, and why they would be interested in supplying and borrowing certain assets in the first place. We solved this by having an assistive UI. We realized a major need for easing up the development process for the growth of a blockchain ecosystem so that builders can easily get started and hence our motivation for the project.




With a strong design and product experience background, previously headed Product at Merkle Science (Crypto Forensics and Blockchain Compliance). Before that, he was Senior Director of Product Growth & Design at Sprinklr (SMB & Enterprise Advertising, Social Listening and Research, Social Customer Care, SMB & Enterprise Marketing, and CXM). He is a big PLG advocate.


With a background in mathematics, was previously Founding Engineer under the AI and ML division at Observe.ai (Contact Centre Automation). He is the Founder of Zipo, an e-commerce shipping management tool. Before that, he worked with the Samsung AI Team (Research and Development of Personal AI Voice Assistant Bixby). He frequently contributes to Open-Source Communities.

Next Steps

The Morpho DAO Community teams/sub-pod teams can build a test workspace on the DAO Manager platform to get a feel of its feasibility. We encourage the teams to get in touch with DaoLens for any custom features that the community wants to see in the new workspace. Post-which, we can discuss the migration of the current/historical data onto the new workspace and expedite it at the earliest.

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Good suggestions, about the platform is unsure, but the idea, the tasks and the way you rasspisyvayut happy, definitely like this proposal. :+1:

We appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into this post! However, Morpho Labs doesn’t feel it’s essential at this stage and, therefore, would not vote in favor.

If there were more requests from the community to implement such features, it could be something to pursue. However, there are other similar solutions that the DAO could consider.

Noting this is only the opinion of Morpho Labs and does not reflect the opinion of Morpho DAO.

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Hey there @SamuraiQQ @SimonCrotty

Thank you so much folds for taking out time to go through the proposal here.
And apologies for getting back so late, somehow I never received a notification for these comments.

But nevertheless, I’ve got some really cool updates with me so thought of quickly sharing those here.

  1. We Launched Robin AI - so imagine if you could use GPT to summarize posts, translate proposals, make them short/long, change the tone, rephrase them, comment on them, critique them, or even create checklists and polls out of them. This is what you can do with Robin AI.

  2. Spaces - manage Sub DAOs efficiently on the DAO Manager.

There are a bunch of other things that we’ve released in the last few weeks. My request would be if you guys can test it out and then whenever there is a discussion around exploring new DAO tooling solutions, hoping we can have a chat then!

Also, @SimonCrotty thanks for the honest feedback.
I shall wait for the community to reflect on this proposal and share their thoughts. Of the consensus is to test something like this out, happy to connect over on a community call and chat further!