GAS fee issues It is recommended to increase L2 to reduce costs

When individuals operate deposit pledge and cancel pledge, they find that GAS fees are high, and hope that the project can develop to the L2 chain to reduce the cost of use. At the same time, it can also increase the number of users.


i think so that :frowning: fee gas is too high

Hello, at the moment, we are very focused on providing the most secure and optimal experience for users. We understand that gas fees are important, yet, the operational constraints for the community to launch another protocol at this stage are too big IMO.

At least, Morpho Labs prefers to focus on Ethereum for now, and once significant progress the protocol and operational processes are well established. Then we can explore L2s. Maybe next year?


Any updates on progress being about a year here coming? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there,
there was a more recent discussion about whether or not L2 were a lead followed by Morpho.
At that time it was still not the priority. Morpho focuses on creating a full grown product (protocol!) and Ethereum seems the best place for that now.
You can check the details of the discussions here:

Although this may have changed, I think that with the new changes coming to Morpho (those teased in the latest communications), the focus is still on Ethereum.

But I may be wrong, and the move to a protocol state that doesn’t depend on an underlying decentralized brokers could more easily be multiplied on other blockchains!

Thanks for the reply and update. Still reading through things. Very intrigued and interested and gaining more understanding. However I support. Thanks. :grinning:

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