MIP2 - Governance Update


The Morpho Association is proposing to update Morpho’s Snapshot rule to add the delegation features and to include changes made by MIP1.

Specification of the proposal

Enable delegation in Snapshot

We propose to enable delegation through the standard proposed by Snapshot. More information in their documentation is here: https://docs.snapshot.org/guides/delegation

This delegation mechanism has proven particularly useful in governance systems. For example, users that hold their tokens in cold storage can delegate to a more flexible wallet, users that trust a certain delegate could now transfer their voting power, etc.

Including MIP1 in the voting rule

So far, Morpho used the strategy “balance-of-with-linear-vesting-power” which enabled the governance power of tokens locked in vesting smart contracts to be vested linearly over 36 months.

With MIP1, two other vesting contracts were created but they are not taken into account by the previous rule. We propose to include those vesting contracts in the voting strategy, following the same rules as in “balance-of-with-linear-vesting-power”.


Good idea to enable delegations before Gauge :wink: