Proposal - Morpho Protocol Analytics

Hi everyone!

This proposal aims to develop Morpho Protocol Analytics, a comprehensive system that provides real-time analytics, reporting, and insights for the Morpho community. By delivering key metrics, market trends, staking analysis, governance updates, and other important information, this solution aims to empower Morpho users and foster active participation within the community.

Background and Context:
Morpho is a thriving decentralized protocol. As the Morpho ecosystem continues to grow, there is a need for reliable and accessible analytics and reporting tools. This proposal seeks to address this need by providing users with valuable data and insights that will improve staking strategies and encourage deeper engagement within the Morpho community.

While the current statistics provide valuable information for Morpho users within the platform, our system offers a unique approach to engage and market to users outside of the Morpho community. By providing the statistics directly on various platforms, we can reach a wider audience and potentially attract new users who may not be familiar with Morpho. This differentiates our solution from the data displayed on dashboards, as it focuses on expanding the user base and increasing engagement beyond the existing community.

Proposal Details:
The Morpho Protocol Analytics system will be developed using Python for backend development and Vue JS/Typescript for frontend implementation. The system will leverage smart contract data, staking information, transaction history, and other relevant metrics to generate meaningful reports and visualizations.

Key features of the proposed system include:

  • Real-time Market Analysis: Providing users with up-to-date information on trading volumes, liquidity pools, token prices, and other market indicators.
  • Governance Insights: Offering detailed analytics on governance proposals, voting participation, and decision outcomes to promote transparency and community involvement.
  • Liquidity Analysis: Providing comprehensive liquidity analysis, including depth charts, liquidity provider incentives, and comparative analysis with other decentralized protocols.

Timeline and Milestones:

  • Week 1: Gather requirements, finalize technical specifications, and set up the development environment.
  • Week 2: Implement data collection and processing components, integrate with Morpho smart contracts, and develop the analytics and reporting functionalities.
  • Week 3: Build the interface, incorporate visualizations, conduct rigorous testing, and address any bugs or issues.
  • Week 4: Deploy the Morpho Protocol Analytics system, monitor its performance, gather user feedback, and make necessary optimizations.

We are happy to provide a beta version on various platforms for the community and contributors to test before deploying the finalized version with the requested changes.

Cost and Resource Estimates:
To bring the Morpho Protocol Analytics system to fruition, we request a grant of 6000 USDT (equivalent in $MORPHO). This budget will cover developer compensation, server and hosting costs, as well as ongoing maintenance and support.

The Morpho Protocol Analytics system will provide a valuable resource for Morpho users, offering real-time analytics, reporting, and insights. By supporting transparency and promoting community engagement, this proposal aims to contribute to the growth and success of the Morpho ecosystem.

Have a nice day!

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Hello and thanks for your interest in Morpho!

Could you present some of these partners, enabling Morpho’s metrics to be exported and extended to a new audience?
Knowing who we’re talking about and what impact they’re having would give us a better idea of the scope of this service.

As you yourself say, it seems that the key features you present are almost all already displayed in the different tools already available here, on the general tool here or other free tool available. Except maybe for the aave-V3 on this last link and the Governance insights.
So the main difference between existing tool and yours would be mainly the reach that you propose to extend ?

Personally, I find it very hard to see how this could work.
Could you provide some examples of integration that you’ve already done with other DAOs?
Is this a service you offer on your own or on behalf of a company? Do you have any social networks (twitter, website) that we can use as a reference?

Thank you in advance for your answers and additional information!

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