[READ FIRST] How to submit / discuss a proposal

This subform is to discuss and submit Morpho Improvement Proposals (MIP).

if you want to submit a proposal:

  • Use the template
  • Be clear and concise. Do not use overly complicated technical terms unless there is no alternative. A non technical user should be able to understand your proposal, otherwise, how can you expect him to vote for it?
  • Explain the goal of your proposal, what problem does it solve or what does it improve and why does it need to be improved?
  • Be ready to answer many questions, be ready to be challenged
  • Be kind

If you’re replying to a proposal:

  • Be kind
  • Critize with as many arguments and examples as possible.

I wasn’t able to find the template / framework for proposal. Is it on the governance forum ?

I can not understand what I can do with it…