[READ ME] MIP : From idea to implementation

Morpho Improvement Proposals (aka MIPs) is how governance ideas are turned into concrete changes to the Morpho protocol.

  1. Take the temperature of the room by opening a thread in the Governance proposals subforum to discuss a potential proposal in the Ideas subcategory. It doesn’t have to be very formal yet but you should still detail it as much as possible.

  2. Once your idea has been discussed and you answered the questions from the community and if you feel that you have enough support, now’s the time to turn this idea into a concrete proposal. Create a thread in

  • Governance proposals for general proposals
  • New protocol if it pertains to expanding Morpho to another protocol

Be ready to answer some more questions.

  1. Once your proposal has been discussed and you think you have reached consensus, it will be turned into an on-chain vote. If the vote is favourable, the protocol will be modified accordingly.